With Congress starting new in its 116th session, it is vital that we work towards inclusion for our families in whatever immigration legislation may move forward.

HR 1036

Bipartisan bill from the 115th session of Congress that is focused on waiver reform, introduced by Congressman Beto O'Rourke and Congressman Steve Pearce.

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Since 1993

Fighting For US Citizens

US Citizens sponsoring an immigrant spouse have always been the most immediate and unlimited category in immigration law.  However, current law separates and tears apart many US Citizens from their spouses due to unjust changes in 1996 where their right to due process under the law, was stripped away.  We are US Citizens fighting to keep our families together in our own native country through educating Congress and demanding a legislative change of these inhumane laws.

We are asking Congress:

  • DO YOU C.A.R.E. about US Citizens?
  • DO YOU C.A.R.E. about your own constituents?
  • DO YOU C.A.R.E. about families being torn apart?
  • DO YOU C.A.R.E. that US Citizens and US Citizen children are being exiled to the same dangerous countries that DREAMers and TPS recipients are trying to escape?
  • DO YOU C.A.R.E. enough to pass legislation to stop these unjust laws and preserve our US Citizen families?