LONG OVERDUE: House Judiciary Oversight Hearing on Family Separation

For Immediate Release:  February 12, 2019

Los Angeles, CA — Citizens Against Refusals, Exile, and Separation (CARES), an immigration rights based organization for US Citizens and their spouses, reacted to the hearing scheduled to address the Trump Administration’s family separation policy on Tuesday.

The following are statements made by Steven Zaharakis, President of CARES, and Kimberly Anderson, Director of Outreach of CARES.

“The hearing to conduct oversight of the Trump Administration’s family separation policy is one that is long overdue.  The public has only been aware of the inhumane and negligent policy decisions this administration has placed on immigrants and their families through media and pictures and we hope it will shed a light on how traumatic it is to these families.

But the underlying question is whether this hearing will discuss ALL family separations, not just what is at the border”, says Steven Zaharakis, the President of CARES.

“For years, the conversation on family separation has been centered on those arriving at the border, or even yet more recently, families that consist of DACA children or TPS recipients living in the US.  These stories are all horrible, but we want the judiciary committee to know that there are many other neglected families that do not play so prominently in the news, particularly US Citizens married to immigrants living inside the US and exiled from the US, that have been dealing with family separation crises since 1996 when IIRIRA inflicted insufferable damage to our families lives.  When will congress hear and listen to these US citizen constituents? When will they wake up to how these US Citizen spouses have suffered in the effort to preserve their families, as they are exiled to the very same countries that DACA and TPS recipients are trying to avoid deportation to?”

“The entire family separation situation is a tragedy and is unacceptable to me as an American” added CARES Director of Outreach, Kimberly Anderson.  “Yet how can ripping our families apart or exiling them away from where they were born in the United States be less offensive than doing that to ANY family? “

“CARES, in concert with other organizations fighting for the preservation of family unity will continue to elevate our voices and remind our legislators of the human cost and tragic losses associated with Congress’s failure to address the broken immigration system”, said Zaharakis in conclusion, “And to remind them that this travesty is equally as horrific to those living it out in their districts or in exile, as to those on the border”.

Media Contact
Name:   Kimberly K. Anderson
Title:  Director of Outreach
Email address:  kanderson@wearecares.org
Phone: 612 804 6715