ICE arrests mother of 3 during routine check-in, slates her for deportation

St. Louis — A 48-year-old married mother of three was taken into custody by ICE agents Tuesday after she reported to the downtown office for what she thought was a routine check-in. Ilsa Guzman entered the United States illegally in 1999, crossing the border into California, reports CBS St. Louis affiliate KMOV-TV.

Steve Miller and Ilsa Guzman in undated family photo

She voluntarily reported to federal agents at the time and requested asylum, which wasn’t granted. However, she’s attempted to follow the law, wearing an ankle monitor and reporting for routine check-ins.

Guzman,  who’s lived in the St. Louis area since 2000 and married a U.S. citizen last year, has no criminal record and has paid taxes for each of the three jobs she’s worked, according to her attorney.

“Go after the real criminals, leave my wife alone. She did what she was supposed to,” said her husband of just over a year, Steve Miller.

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