The Parada Family - Living Separated

My name is Andrea Parada and I am a US Citizen. March 6th, 2017 was the day that forever scarred my family when we made that trip to Ciudad Juarez. We felt we had done everything morally right, but the law said otherwise and punished us. My husband was left at the consulate and barred from returning with me and his son to the US when we tried to finalize our immigration process.

It’s been over a year since this drastic event and it has truly taken a toll on me and my son.  Our 3 year old son, Alejandro, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth.  Ever since his father’s absence he has regressed to harmful behavior such as purposely throwing himself on the floor and banging his head on any type of surface. He has lashed out by hitting and biting teachers, therapists, including myself. It has gotten to the point where it was so much that I had to recruit the help of a behavioral therapist. Their conclusion was indeed that his behavioral regression stemmed from his father’s absence and now seeks the constant attention of only parent – Me. Having my son is the only motivation I have. Anxiety, depression, stress, hopeless, tired, insomnia, and heartbreak hide behind this smile.

All of our accomplishments have been achieved through my husband’s own hard work without asking for anything in return.  My son and I, as US Citizens, should not have to take no for an answer because my husband has proven more than one way to be an asset and not a burden to our country. I am juggling a full time job, while being a full time mother, and keeping my husband’s business open because his achievement costs him sleepless nights, struggles, and tears and I will not see it fail. Every family has a right to be together. We cannot be told who not to love because of their status.  We are asking for our representatives to be a champion and introduce legislation that will help our family and the many families in our situation.

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