The Bruemmer Family - Living Exiled (Mexico)

My name is Margot Bruemmer. I came to Veracruz, Mexico on September 30, 2005 to join my husband Osmark who had three months earlier been given a 10 year bar from the United States. I hated the idea of moving to Mexico — I have a Master’s Degree and was working as an Instructor at a college. My career was just beginning to take off. But I wanted to keep my marriage intact and stand by Osmark’s side. When I got here, I had a terrible time adjusting to life in rural Mexico — everything was different and I barely spoke the language! In 2008 my first daughter was born here. My doctor ignored all of my wishes to have a natural birth and did a C-Section! In 2011 and 2015 my other daughters were born also in Mexico. These experiences made me realize how much I was missing out on by being in a developing country away from the high quality medical care I would have received in the U.S. My children eventually began going to schools here and again I was devastated that they were missing out on their U.S. education, not to mention the fact that we live in a dangerous area with daily kidnappings and murders.

In 2015, after we complied with the 10 year bar, we went for a new interview in Ciudad Juarez and Osmark’s visa was denied again, only this time they told him that he was barred for life for making a false claim to citizenship in 1998. We hired an immigration lawyer who contested the facts of the false claim, but our case was denied. We sent it to appeal with the AAO and it was denied again. Now in 2017 we are still here in Mexico with no hope of ever going back. We’re trying to make a normal life here, but I am sick and anxious everyday over the thought that my children and I—all U.S. citizens—can’t go back. Waiting out the 10 years was in vain. Paying thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to USCIS and immigration attorneys was in vain. Arguments about how we are four U.S. citizens being denied our home and our privileges as citizens of the United States were in vain. It was all in vain. The system is broken, unfair, and these laws need to change. Please consider US Citizen families like mine who are neglected in the immigration debate.

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