Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

C.A.R.E.S. was started by affected families who have been refused, exiled, or separated while going through the LEGAL immigration system.  We have spent the last 10 years championing a bipartisan legislative solution to resolve this issue.

Meet the Team

We are affected US Citizens spouses pushing for change, that have personally experienced the brokenness of our current legal immigration  system.

Steven Zaharakis


Steven has been working to educate Congressional offices on the effects immigration bars have on families since 2010.

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

Director of Outreach

Kim has vast experience as a successful non profit leader and immigration reform activist.

Want to Help Encourage Change?

If you are an affected US Citizen family, please join us to raise our voice and help push for change to the current immigration system!

If you would like to encourage change by making a financial donation, please contact us here.